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At its founding in the early 1930s, our firm was known as the Morrison Audit Company.  The Worldwide Accounting Firm, then known as Ernst & Ernst, took over in 1961, followed by Lutwitzi, Talaska and Company; then Talaska & Sharpe, followed by Joki, Makela, Pollack & Sharpe, PLLC and Joki, Makela & Pollack, PLLC. The firm became Joki, Makela, Pollack & Ahonen, PLLC in 2009, and the present Makela, Pollack & Ahonen, PLLC in 2013.

The present building at 301 N. Suffolk St. was erected specifically to be occupied by an accounting firm.  The original structure was completely remodeled and a major addition was built in 1995 to provide expanded working space.


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301 N. Suffolk Street

Ironwood, MI  49938


Phone: 906-932-4430

Fax: 906-932-0677